The Film

Anda Unionís haunting harmonies and vibrant strings evoke the endless beauty of the Mongolian grasslands. Combining throat singing and long song with horse head fiddles and two stringed lutes they bring this powerful ancient music to life as never heard before.

The film follows an extraordinary group of young and inspiring musicians, AnDa Union, on a journey through the distant Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. In the vibrant capital of Hohhot the group have made a life around performing and creating traditional music for a contemporary audience. The rituals of their daily lives have adapted to the modern city and indeed modern living has shaped their music in new and exciting ways. From the city, Anda Union embark on an adventure to the wild and varied landscapes of the Inner Mongolian grasslands and mountains, where they discover the secrets of their haunting and beautiful music, and a rapidly changing environment. The personal stories of each of the members of the group develop as they encounter childhood friends, long-lost family members, proud nomads, devoted priests and extravagant musicians as they continue to learn about the rich and turbulent roots of Mongolian culture in China.

Set against the background of Anda Union’s homeland and the nomadic way of life that evolved from it, this film is a rare insight into a forgotten land on the furthest edges of China. While wholeheartedly embracing modern society in all its facets, the Mongolian people are a culture fighting for survival in an increasingly industrialised world.