Anda Union - From the Steppes to The City is a rare insight into a forgotten land on the furthest edges of China, home to more than 6 million Mongolians.

Anda Union, a ten strong group of young musicians, make a 10,000km journey through the grasslands of Inner Mongolia revealing the secret of the roots of their haunting and beautiful music.

Anda Union - From the Steppes to the City is a celebration of their passion for their music and culture, from wild parties to moving stories of their sacrifices, from the intimacies of pastoral life to the harsh realities of the city; from songs in the Grasslands to the power of Anda Union.

LATEST NEWS Over 30 clips from bonus footage now online! Explore the amazing journey with Anda Union through the Inner Mongolia watch here. Film will be available to watch online watch for details! Don't forget you can buy their album NOW - "The Wind Horse" click here.